Agustin Mallmann

Agustin Mallmann is the nephew of Francis Mallmann, the reigning star of food television in the Spanish ­speaking world, the most famous and popular chef in South America.

Born in Santa Barbara, CA, Agustin has been absorbing this amazing and unique way of cooking for several years, traveling among Francis. Working at his restaurants in Argentina/Uruguay, learning different techniques in each one. Agustin says, “I have found the style of cooking that identifies myself. Very simple, yet so profound. Francis and his restaurants taught me the technique that I enjoy the most when it comes to cooking…fire.”

Francis Mallmann, his uncle, is the author of Seven Fires: Grilling the Argentine Way and Mallmann on Fire, which introduced readers to the secrets and flavors of traditional live­fire cooking. USA Today and The Times (U.K.) have named his restaurants among the top 10 places to eat in the world..